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Movie: Oblivion

By Paul Yee Tom Cruise’s latest sci-fi offering is a relatively enjoyable flick, finding a balance between emotion and action. It stars Tom Cruise as Jack Harper, one of the … Continue reading

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The Internet

By Charles Kee The Internet, despite its supposed user-friendliness, is one of the most complex and least understood of Man’s innovations. The brainchild of scientists of America’s Defence Advanced Research … Continue reading

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Movie: Django Unchained

WARNING:  If you have to cover your eyes during the fight between Batman and Bane in Dark Knight Rises, please leave this page NOW! DJANGO UNCHAINED (the ‘D’ is an … Continue reading

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Reading the Literary Map of Prague

By Ivan Ang   This piece was originally a conference paper presented at the University of New Hampshire, English Graduate Organization Conference: The Art of Reading, Theory, Practice and Pedagogy … Continue reading

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Singers: Look Good, Sound Good?

By Keshav Raj The (pop) music fans nowadays seems to have an increasing inclination towards idolizing singers based on their appearance rather than their singing ability.

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Condemned Endorsements

By Anna Calida “Fame is like a suffocating castle besieged by the enemy.” – Mehmet Ildan Would Beyoncé be condemned by environmental activists were she not a superstar?

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Should North Korea’s threats be taken seriously?

From the EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection: North Korea: Daily life remains a struggle By Leong Jia Qin North Korea’s aggressive actions towards South Korea and the US have … Continue reading

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AJ’s Got Talent!!!

By Dan Ling AJ’s Got Talent is a monthly feature that will turn the spotlight on various talented people in the student body of our college. This issue stars Tan … Continue reading

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How to Deal with Stress

By Sydney Chan The Ubiquity of Stress No doubt, life can be really stressful most of the times. Thus, it is of utmost impotence to be able to handle stress … Continue reading

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