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Movie: Oblivion

By Paul Yee Tom Cruise’s latest sci-fi offering is a relatively enjoyable flick, finding a balance between emotion and action. It stars Tom Cruise as Jack Harper, one of the … Continue reading

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The Internet

By Charles Kee The Internet, despite its supposed user-friendliness, is one of the most complex and least understood of Man’s innovations. The brainchild of scientists of America’s Defence Advanced Research … Continue reading

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Movie: Django Unchained

WARNING:  If you have to cover your eyes during the fight between Batman and Bane in Dark Knight Rises, please leave this page NOW! DJANGO UNCHAINED (the ‘D’ is an … Continue reading

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Should North Korea’s threats be taken seriously?

From the EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection: North Korea: Daily life remains a struggle By Leong Jia Qin North Korea’s aggressive actions towards South Korea and the US have … Continue reading

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Reading the Literary Map of Prague

By Ivan Ang   This piece was originally a conference paper presented at the University of New Hampshire, English Graduate Organization Conference: The Art of Reading, Theory, Practice and Pedagogy … Continue reading

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AJ’s Got Talent!!!

By Dan Ling AJ’s Got Talent is a monthly feature that will turn the spotlight on various talented people in the student body of our college. This issue stars Tan … Continue reading

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Staying Fit through Ultimate Frisbee

By Lynn Tan Looking for a simple, fun and engaging sport to play and bond with friends during breaks or after school? Wanting to keep fit and yet not interested … Continue reading

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